A Detailed Study of Surah Yāsīn

In the short span of *8 sessions* you will learn how to navigate the deep meanings embedded in the verses of Surah Yāsīn.

Neeli Masjid Presents 

Who is Allah?

"Why do I struggle to pray?" "Why is my imān weak at times?" "How can I increase my love for Allah (swt)?"

If you have found yourself struggling with some or all of the above questions, you MUST attend our upcoming Halaqah!!

InshaAllah, Imam Syed Asad Ali will reflect on Surah al-Hashr verses 22-24 in which Allah (swt) describes himself with some of his most powerful names and attributes.

Please join us on Saturday 13th May 2023 after Asr salah (7:15pm) at the Neeli Masjid.

Brothers and sisters are welcome.

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