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Neeli Masjid Fundrasing Dinner

Saturday 16th February ( Doors open 6.30PM) 

Neeli Masjid Fundraising Dinner

For the Construction Project of the Education & Well-Being Centre

مَّثَلُ الَّذِينَ يُنفِقُونَ أَمْوَالَهُمْ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ كَمَثَلِ حَبَّةٍ أَنبَتَتْ سَبْعَ سَنَابِلَ فِي كُلِّ سُنبُلَةٍ مِّائَةُ حَبَّةٍ ۗ وَاللَّهُ يُضَاعِفُ لِمَن يَشَاءُ ۗ وَاللَّهُ وَاسِعٌ عَلِيمٌ

The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed [of grain] which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing. (Quran 2:261)

Neeli Masjid has organised a fundraising dinner in aid of our new Education and Well-being Centre. Alhamdulillah the construction project is well underway and Phase 1 is due to complete by the end of March. We need your support to start Phase 2, so we invite you to join us on this evening of entertainment and food with our special guests.

Ticket Price
£15/per person
Full Table (10 people) please enquire for details

Special Guests
Najam Sheraz (Nasheed Artist)
Abdullah Afzal (Citizen Khan)
Anwer Shad
And Others

For Enquiries & tickets -Contact Neeli Masjid:
*T*: 01706 648094