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📚 Embark on a Journey through "Mishkāt al-Maṣābīḥ"📚

Embark on a selected study of "Mishkāt al-Maṣābīḥ" with our weekly hadith class. Discover timeless teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that resonate with today's world. Engage in discussions, connect with a community of learners, and enrich your understanding. Join us to illuminate your path with the wisdom of the Prophet's words.

🌟 **Class Highlights:**
📖 **Selected Readings**: Join us as we journey through the chapters of manners and etiquettes from the famous hadith book “Mishkāt al-Maṣābīḥ” by Imam al-Khatīb al-Tibrīzī.

**Taught by**: Imam Syed Asad Ali, Imam at Neeli Masjid
🗓️ **Day**: Every Wednesday, starting September 6th, 2023
⏰ **Time**: 7:30 PM
🕌 **Location**: Neeli Masjid, Rochdale

**Why Mishkāt al-Maṣābīḥ?**
Mishkāt al-Maṣābīḥ is one of most important Hadith collections, which for centuries has been taught in 1000’s of Islamic seminaries across the world. Imam al-Khatīb al-Tibrīzī's meticulous selection covers all the various chapters regarding Islamic creed, acts of worship, financial transactions, laws of marriage and divorce, Islamic manners and etiquettes, virtues of righteous deeds, signs of the day of judgement, and virtues of the Prophets, Companions and the ahlul bayt.

📜 **What Awaits You:**
🌺 **In-Depth Insights**: Imam Syed Asad Ali unpack the relevance of the selected hadiths, connecting them to our modern context.

🤝 **Interactive Learning**: Engage in thought-provoking discussions, ask questions, and connect with fellow seekers of knowledge who share your curiosity about Islamic teachings.

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Space is limited, so don't miss out on this opportunity to deepen your understanding and strengthen your connection with Islamic wisdom.

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May Allah bless you with beneficial knowledge and love of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

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